Can Olive Oil Be Used For Frying

Can Olive Oil Be Used For Frying

Many moms out there often wonder can olive oil be used for frying? We all know that we can use a tablespoon or more on dishes but we are not quite sure if it can also be used for frying. Keep reading and find out the answer if you can use the olive oil for frying and what would happen if you do. 

What Happens When You Use Olive Oil For Frying?

For years, Mediterranean countries have mostly used olive oil for frying dishes. If you will compare using olive oil for frying to other types of oil, the foods you fried with olive oil will definitely stand out. And if you are living in Australia, you will find the best olive oil that you can ever find in the market, the Kynetol Olive Oil.

Time and Temperature – How Does it Affect the Olive Oil

However, unlike any other oil, the use of olive oil for frying sets the two most important factors to watch out for. The time and temperature. 

In using olive oil you need to make sure to maintain the smoke point between 350° to 380° only. Though other types of oil such as canola oil, peanut oil, and corn oil reach up to 400° to 450°, olive oil requires a lower smoke point. 

By keeping the olive oil smoke point, you also see the beneficial polyphenols and oleic acid. Not everyone knows olive oil contains high healthy monounsaturated fats that don’t get affected when put to heat. While on the other types of oil, healthy fats can be transformed into harmful fats when heated. 

Can Olive Oil Be Used For Frying
Can Olive Oil Be Used For Frying

When is the Best Time to Use Olive Oil for Cooking?

The secret to not burning the oil with heat is not heating the oil too quickly. To do that you can start with a medium flame and allow the oil to reach the aimed temperature gradually. 

The taste of fried dishes using olive oil is different compared to the other types of oil. It also burns easily and reaches its heating point faster, unlike the others. That makes small bites of meats such as chicken breasts cook easily with olive oil without the chance of getting burned. 

You must also keep in mind that less olive oil in the heated pan is better than more oil. Olive oil catches flame easily when heated up, though it is not considered flammable. 

With a lesser amount of oil, you can control the temperature better. 

Other Uses of Olive Oil for Cooking 

Some vegetarian conscious love to put a drop of olive oil in their salad dressing. Aside from salad, you can also add olive oil to your pasta, noodles, and wonton sauce. There are a lot more dishes where you can put the olive oil to leave a more delicious taste. You only need to explore the world wide web or better yet, conduct some experiments. Making experiments is fun.

Can Olive Oil Be Used For Frying
Can Olive Oil Be Used For Frying

Other Uses of Olive Oil Aside from Cooking

Besides cooking, olive oil has many other uses. 

Some use olive oil as a makeup remover, skin moisturizer, soothed chapped lips, and a substitute for shaving cream. It is a good skin moisturizer that can even leave nail cuticles to soften. And the natural lubricant that it contains prevent razor bumps and burn. 

Olive oil is also best used for loosening the earwax. With only a drop of olive oil in the ear, it can help reduce the earwax buildup. 

This is also the best tool to use when accidentally you get paint on your hair. And not to mention, it is popularly known to give hair complete nourishment. Also on a squeaky door, olive oil can silence it. 

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