What Makes Cannoli a Special Cake?

Dessert Cannoli

The cake is the main attraction at a birthday party or wedding. We also have fruitcakes during the Christmas season. Even a famous song from my favorite band entitled “Fruitcake” tells us that there is a fruitcake for everyone. A slice for a celebration of success and icing on the cake for the achievement of goals. Traditionally, the cake has become our symbol of celebrating life’s milestones.

What are Cannoli?

CannoliAnd speaking of cakes, Italians are known for their passion for cooking, especially in making desserts. One of their most famous cake desserts is the Cannoli Cakes. So what is special about this cake? Continue reading and enjoy the slice of these very delicious cakes from the nation that brought us our favorite spaghetti.


What makes this cake special? 

Cannoli cake is composed of layers of creamy ricotta, rum-soaked vanilla buttermilk cake, rich chocolate ganache, citrus kissed buttercream, cinnamon, and mascarpone cannoli filling. The Cannoli filling is the identity of this special cake that gives you the not-too-sweet taste that is heaven on your taste buds. Composing of citrus and rum will make you want more slice with its aroma taste that explores your nostrils towards your brain, making you feel pleasure. At the same time, you will love the ever-favorite chocolate taste that will complement the Cannoli filling and the creamy effect of ricotta adding on the cinnamon taste. Leaving you the most delicious cake in the world you would surely crave for more. It has its special taste for your sweet cravings.

At the moment, this special Italian cake is popular all over the world. More and more pastry chefs are making Cannoli cake more special for the consumers. It has a variety of versions all over the world.

Cannoli - the best cake for your loved ones


Cannoli – the best cake for your loved ones

Cannoli cake is the best cake you will ever serve for your loved ones. You can make your own at home or you can buy it at the nearest bakeshop or if available, purchase it online. 

When we were kids, we always requested cheese or chocolate cake for our birthdays. Some of us like fruity flavors and different usual cake tastes. And as we grew older we became conscious of our sugar intake knowing that it can lead to Diabetes or other sugar-related sicknesses. One way to prevent such health problems is to lessen the sugar on your diet. Choosing Cannoli cake can have a part in your less sugar diet.

In terms of the appearance of this Italian cake, your eyes will surely be satisfied. With the different versions of it all over the market, you will have many options to choose from based on your preference. Most of them are round-shaped with white icing and chocolate syrup toppings or sprinkled chocolate. There are more from this dainty special cake from Italy.

Let us know more about its main ingredient. The main ingredient of Cannoli cake is obviously the Cannoli filling. It is composed of ricotta and powdered sugar which travels to your tongue in a very bite that leaves you the memory of how it gave you the best tasting cake in the world.

Cake has a big part in our life’s celebration. It is one of the most awaited food on the table on every occasion. Make sure to try the special taste and effect of Cannoli cake. It will give you a new taste of the usual cakes that we have in the market. With its different versions of your favorite bakeshops and pastry shops, your family and loved ones will surely share sweet smiles with you.

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